TPS Workshops for Educators

Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) FREE workshops are designed for teachers and school librarians from all grade levels and content areas. Schools can earn resources and tools when multiple staff members participate. Optional fee-based graduate credit is also available. Workshops are scheduled on a regular basis at a central site. You can also request workshops at your school for your staff. Contact us at or 970-351-1555 to register.

All workshops are grant-funded, meaning NO COST to you. For upcoming workshops, see Upcoming Events to the right or visit our calendar.

Workshops are offered at Two Levels:

Level I:

  • Essentials Exploration: Introductory Workshop – Get started with an overview of primary sources and the Library of Congress website ( Check the schedule and join us, or invite us to your school to reach your entire staff.
  • Special Topic Workshops: Extend your knowledge from Essentials and explore topics and themes that take you deeper into Library of Congress collections and resources. (Prerequisite: Essentials Exploration )

Level II: (Advanced Applications)

  • Summer Institute: Explore advanced topics in our three-day Summer Institutes, focusing on a different topic area each summer. Hear from the experts, delve into Library of Congress resources and other primary sources. (pre-requisite: at least 8 hours of Level 1 workshops)
  • Teach and Reflect Seminars: join colleagues online to share insights as you implement your lesson created in the Summer Institute in your classroom. Get peer feedback, determine student learning, refine and submit lessons for others to field test.

Upcoming Workshops