Teach and Reflect Seminars

Teach and Reflect Fall 2010 Announcments:

Announcement week of  November 22-29

Happy Thanksgiving!
We're in the last week of activities for the Teach and Reflect seminar. Thanks for all your contributions and insights! This week make sure you have completed any updates to your lesson plan, any posts to past forums, and complete the online evaluation.

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We do have one more opportunity for you to post to a forum and leave final thoughts for us and the rest of the class what you have gained from this experience.
After Thanksgiving, we'll take a final look at forum postings and your lessons and let you know if we need anything else from any of  you. Then we'll get your grades turned in. Thanks again for participating!
FORUM FOR THIS WEEK:  "Parting Comments"
Please share with others what you have gained from this online experience and any final thoughts you have about the lesson you developed and taught.

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